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How to Tune Guitar Using Guitar Tuna App


In the above video lesson we discussed about how to tune Guitar using Guitar tuna app in android.

First of all you have to download this free application Guitar Tuna from Google play store because its totally free and the most high rated application of Guitar Tuning.

After Installing the application all you habe to do is to select qhich instrument you’re going to tune as it has many intrument after updation of the application it support many other musical instruments like Ukelele, Electric Guitar etc.

How to Tune Guitar Using Guitar Tuna App

Firstly choose the right instrument for you from the menu as given in the Guitar Tuna app.

Lets take an example as shown in above video Acoustic Guitar.

After this you can choose manual or automatic mode in the application for tuning your Acoustic Guitar. Go for the automatic as it automatically capture the string which you are tuning.

There are 6 strings in Acoustic Guitar.


1 2 3 4 5 6

Start with thin E string no. 1

Play the E string and check it out as it is low or high then according to the Guitat tuna app tune your Acoustic Guitar while it turn in Green Signal this means your Guitar string is tuned.

Follow the step for all strings as same as i mentioned above.

Now Your Acoustic Guitar is fully tuned After tuning your Acoustic Guitat just play your favourite song and practice.

Note – Always check your Guitar tuning when you start to play Guitar.

Thats all.

Thanks for reading please watch the above mentioned video and Subscribe my Youtube channel for more updates regarding Music Classes. 😊

How to Tune Guitar Using Guitar Tuna App

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