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Tera Fitoor Guitar Chords Lesson Arijit Singh

In the above video lesson we gonna learn the song Tera Fitoor Guitar Chords Lesson beautifully sung by one and only Arijit Singh from the movie Genius.

Tera Fitoor Guitar Chords Lesson

Chords – A maj, F#min, D maj, E maj

Strumming – D D U U DU

So above we mentioned the chords progression of the song and strumming as well.

So guys this song is very simple for playing in guitar your just have to be in flow while strumming the chords progression.

In some lines of the song the chords progression changes according to the melody in the song.

We have divided the song in three parts in the given video start with the intro.

Please watch the above video for full lesson 🙂

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